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Statement of Faith


The Scriptures – We believe the Old and New Testament were given by inspiration of God through men as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.  In all matters of faith, science, and history the Old and New Testament are without error.  The Bible is God’s revelation to man and as such is totally authoritative, trustworthy, and inerrant.

God – We believe in one God, creator and sustainer of all things.  God is infinite and perfect in holiness.  To him we owe our highest love, devotion, and reverence.


The Trinity – We believe God exists as three distinct persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  These three persons are one in essence but distinct in work.

The Father – We believe the Father is the first person of the Trinity, the one who has eternally begotten the Son and sends forth the Holy Spirit in conjunction with the Son.  The Father sponsored salvation to fallen man by sending His blessed Son to die on the cross.  The Father is to be the object of all believer’s worship and adoration.

Jesus Christ – We believe Jesus Chris is the only eternally begotten Son of God.  He is the second person of the Trinity.  He was sent to earth to be our mediator to the Father.  Jesus accomplished this by His work completed on Calvary.  He was crucified as a substitution and now is seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for the saints.  In nature, Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God.  He alone holds salvation. 

Holy Spirit – We believe the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son, and is deity.  The Holy Spirit was active in the Creation and was the agent of inspiration.  He is the one who regenerates the sinner’s heart and indwells the saints.  He seals the believer and ever work to conform him into the image of Jesus Christ.

Man – We believe Adam, the first man, willfully disobeyed God, bringing sin and death into the world.  As a result, all persons are sinners from conception, which is evidenced in their willful acts of sin, and they therefore are subject to eternal punishment, under the just condemnation of a holy God.

Salvation – We believe salvation is found in none other than Jesus Christ.  When the sinner is led to an understanding of his fallen condition through the work of the Holy Spirit, and confesses his sin and repents, he is regenerated through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  The sinner finds remission through his own works (salvation is by faith through grace).  When the sinner is born-again he is justified in the eyes of the Father and the Holy Spirit proceeds with the ongoing work of sanctification.

Baptism – We believe baptism is an ordinance of the Lord Jesus, obligatory upon every believer, wherein he is immersed in water in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit as a sign of his fellowship with the death and resurrection of Christ, of remission of sins, and his giving himself up to God, to live and walk in newness of live.

Lord’s Supper – We believe the Lord’s Supper is to be observed on a regular basis until the Lord Jesus Christ returns for his Church.  The Lord’s Supper memorializes the price Christ paid by His broken body and shed blood for our salvation.  In is non-salvific.  Every believer is encouraged to examine their own life before partaking of the Supper.

Eternal Security – We believe that those whom God has accepted as His children through the blood of Jesus Christ are assured of heaven and will never fall from grace.

The Church – We believe the Lord Jesus is the Head of the Church, which is composed of all born-again believers, and in Him is invested supremely all power for its government.  According to the Lord’s commandment, Christians are to assemble themselves into local churches for the purpose of evangelism, edification, pastoral care, fellowship, and worship.  The office of the local church are the Pastor and Deacons. 

Evangelism – We believe soul-winning is the thing nearest to the heart of God.  Jesus came to give His life as a ransom for many and it behooves every believer to take the good news of Jesus salvation to every person through personal evangelism, corporate efforts, and giving to ministries which take the message to the mission field.

Last Things – We believe the Lord’s pre-millennial return is imminent.  That is, nothing prophetically stands in the way of His coming back for His Church.  There will be a final judgement of the wicked at the Great White Throne judgement and those not found in the Lamb’s Book of Life will be cast into a real place of torment forever.  The righteous will spend eternity with the Lord in the new heaven and new earth.  The Lord’s return is to be a very real motivation in the believer’s life to serve and please the Lord.

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